Cubex Land’s Castle Bridge wins Architectural award at this years design awards

We are pleased to announce that Cubex Land won the Architectural Award for Finzel’s Reach Castle Bridge at the Design Awards last night.

Finzels Reach, one of the largest mixed use regeneration projects in the South West, has spearheaded the transformation of the medieval heart of Bristol and raising the bar for regeneration in regional UK cities. Over the past 4 years, Bristol-based developer Cubex Land, with its shareholders and funding partner, Palmer Capital, have rapidly transformed the site. It was acquired from receivers after a previous attempt to regenerate it ran into difficulties and had left the site derelict.

The jewel in the new development has been the erection of the brand new £2.7m iconic S-shaped Bridge connecting Castle Park with Finzels Reach, which has further knitted the Finzels Reach site back into the fabric of the city.

Castle Bridge is a 91 meter link providing  access to the Floating Harbour from the city, and has been so beautifully designed that this Design Award is now the second award that has been given in acknowledgement of  this thoughtfully constructed piece of art.

We are pleased that this amazing piece of architecture is being recognised and we congratulate Cubex Land on yet another award!

The bridge has come a long way in recent years and some shots can be seen below: