The UK Offering
Fiera Real Estate’s discretionary and advisory assets under management have the unique advantage of access to regional UK operating partners, which are backed by the UK division. This provides investors with an extensive network offering and an unrivalled geographic spread, which offers superior deal flow, highly skilled resource and access to local knowledge. 

CORE – Fiera Real Estate Long Income Fund UK
Objective: Liability Matching and Wealth Preservation
Key Stats Open ended fund structure (quarterly traded)
c.£205m AUM
Target income return 4 – 4.5% p.a.
Nil leverage



Value Add- Fiera Real Estate Opportunity Fund V UK
Objective: Wealth Creation through Adding Value
Key Stats Closed ended fund structure (four year life)
Up to £250m AUM
Target total return 12 – 15% p.a.
Target 1.5 x EqM*