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Alex Price CEO shares his predictions for 2019

Image for Alex Price CEO shares his predictions for 2019

Chief Executive of Palmer Capital, Alex Price, has shared his predictions for 2019 in Property Week, alongside other industry heavyweights, in the first edition of the year.

‘I hope the debate in the UK focuses on realistic future aspiration, not pretentions of the past, and we create a consensus where common sense can prevail.

We forecast a much sharper focus on using technology to create customer experience, as well as an upturn in commercial development to meet falling supply of high quality office space and new supply chain facilities.

Customers want a bespoke, on-demand service that supports the delivery of their business plan.

They want landlords that offer space flexibility and technology to capture and utilise real-time experiential data.

Our industry needs to start building tomorrow’s work/live communities today, as older buildings are becoming obsolete fast and yesterday’s tenant is tomorrow’s customer.

Taken from an article in Property Week edition 11th January 2019, page 51.