Fiera Comox: Why you need to allocate to Global Agriculture in your Alternatives Portfolio

April 21, 2021

​What: Webinar

When: Wednesday 21st April @ 2pm

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Matthew Corbett, Partner at Fiera Comox will share a more than a decade worth of insights to:

  • describe the unique nature of Agricultural investing
  • outline how you can access the asset class
  • demonstrate the opportunities to enhance the return profile of your private markets allocation


On the face of it, Agricultural investing presents a highly attractive return and risk profile. A growing world population means that food production and demand can only increase whilst Investors in agriculture projects can benefit from inflation protection and returns that are non-correlated with other asset classes, as well as attractive and stable.

However, specialist knowledge, diversification, managing an evolving E.S.G landscape and accessibility are all critical in reaping the rewards of these investments. We estimate institutional ownership of agricultural assets no higher than 3 percent globally so there remains a steep learning curve for many investors but on the flip side, there are significant inefficiencies remaining in the market.

Matt started his Agri Investing career at Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) before becoming a founding partner of Fiera’s Agricultural franchise and has invested around 2.5 billion in private market farmland and timberland over the course of the last decade. Matt currently serves on the board of several of Fiera Comox’ investee companies including Auvil Fruit Company.