UK Funds Review: What will be the outcome? How should managers prepare for the outcome, which may include LTAFs and PIFs?

UK Treasury’s Funds Review is expected to result in significant improvements to the onshore UK funds landscape. In 2021, the Long Term Asset Fund (LTAF) should be operational, and there has also been widespread industry support for a Professional Investor Fund (PIF). 

On 7th July, Emma Cullen, COO (UK), joined Apex for their webinar centred on the UK funds review, focusing on how managers should prepare for the outcome and opportunities that arise from it, including LTAFs and PIFs.

The webinar was moderated by Melville Rodrigues, Head of Real Estate Advisory at Apex. Emma was joined by Blackrock Real Assets, FundRock and John Forbes Consulting.

To listen to the full event, click here