The Property Funder Podcast

Ray Palmer, Chairman of Fiera Real Estate recently took part in Michael Dean’s Property Funder podcast.  In this episode, Ray shares his inspirational story from starting out as a principal negotiator at 16 to shaping the landscape of property investment in the UK as well as discussing the transformative shifts in the industry and the essential qualities that define a successful developer.

Key Highlights:

Ray recounts his start in the real estate industry at 16 and his ascent to becoming the Chairman of Fiera Real Estate, detailing the evolution from Palmer Capital to its current form. – Discussion on the creation and impact of the Palmer Capital Development Fund, the first ever discretionary Development Management Fund.

Ray emphasises the importance of the combination of venture capital dynamics and fund management in property investment, which has been crucial for navigating economic downturns successfully.

Insights into the cyclical nature of property markets, with Ray advising on the necessity of being cautious and timing investments wisely to maximise returns.

Exploration of the potential for real estate development within the energy sector, highlighting past involvements and future interests, particularly in emerging technologies like battery storage. Ray’s journey from a young negotiator to a leading figure in the industry underscores the importance of adaptability, visionary leadership, and the power of combining venture capital with fund management to navigate and capitalize on market cycles effectively.

 Listen to the full episode here: