Teaching tomorrow’s generation

Last week, Packaged Living’s Development Manager, Peter Rowe, supported an initiative called Regeneration Brainery, which is all about inspiring more school leavers and undergraduates to become interested in property and regeneration – a sector which isn’t widely spoken about with young people.

Peter visited Salford City Academy in Eccles, where he spoke with some of their Year 9 students about his career and experience. The sessions focused on highlighting the diversity of a property career and speaking to them about how exciting it is to be involved in large regeneration projects.

Following the event, Peter commented “There were lots of really exciting ideas about regeneration in Manchester and a real passion for embedding sustainability in future developments. It was great to see the students engaged throughout the day and I am sure it will have sparked an interest in property and regeneration.”

Given the UK Government’s 2019 climate emergency declaration, and the passing of the Net Zero Emission Law which requires the reduction of all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, now is the time to act. The property sector is responsible for future proofing our built environment. The next generation of property professionals will have an important role to play in reducing the UK’s emissions through regenerating outdated and unsustainable assets into green and environmentally friendly spaces.

Packaged Living is keen to get involved in similar initiatives. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with young people and help to educate them on the impact they can have on both the planet and the built environment. Hopefully, in doing so, we can also inspire the next generation of property and construction professionals.