SleepOut for LandAid (at home)

Join us on Thursday 11th March, by Sleeping Out (at Home), to help prevent young people from sleeping on the streets, every night. If you’re lucky enough to have outside space, then head out to your garden, patio or balcony and find some shelter. If not, find the most uncomfortable place you can inside your home such as the bath, shower or kitchen floor.

Fiera Real Estate are delighted to be sponsoring the London SleepOut for a second year running, and although the event is virtual it gives the property industry the opportunity to, in a modest way, and for a brief period, experience the discomfort endured by many every single night.

Alex Price, Chief Executive UK commented ‘Fiera Real Estate is thrilled to sponsor the LandAid London SleepOut for a second year running, a fantastic industry wide initiative to raise money and awareness to combat homelessness. Given our long track record of creating sustainable communities, we feel a real connection with this issue and braving a night out is a great way to show our support. Whilst we may not be able to come together in the same way as last year, this is exactly the type of the event we need to keep the property industry connected.’

We hope that the event provides the catalyst for the property industry, whether there or not, to do more in the fight to end youth homelessness.

LandAid hopes to raise £150,000 from the event and you can sign up here.