Rupert Sheldon is taking part in IPF’s Introduction to Finance Workshop

​On Wednesday 30th March, Fiera Real Estate UK’s Head of Core REIM, Rupert Sheldon, is taking part in IPF’s Introduction to Finance workshop.

The face-to-face event is being held from 09:00-18:30 and will present an overview of current debt and equity finance available to the UK commercial real estate market. Rupert has over 25 years of experience in the industry with a particular focus on wealth preservation and will therefore be a fantastic addition to the panel, educating the audience on the benefits of core investing vs wealth creation investing, securing long-dated leases to high-quality tenants, and, given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, why a diversified low-risk portfolio is where investors should look to put their money in 2022.

Rupert will be joined by Bill Bartram (Independent Risk Management Solutions Ltd), Chris McMain (CBRE Investment Management), Colm Lauder (Goodbody), David Mortimer (ICG-Longbow) and Julian Carey (Industrials REIT).

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