Queensbury Capital are taking on the Rough Runner for the LandAid Money Maker Challenge

Queensbury Capital, the London centric real estate investor and developer recently backed by Palmer Capital, are taking part in this year’s LandAid Money Maker Challenge. Joe Downey, and some of his (un)lucky contacts are taking on the Rough Runner in London on Saturday 5th October.

The event is a huge total-wipeout-style obstacle course taking part in Morden Park, South London, and will see c.5,000 people taking on the course in aid of their chosen charity. Some of the obstacles include a travelator, stepping stones that can knock you off your feet, a fearless fall and mount roughian. The day will see plenty of climbing, crawling, falling and getting muddy, but you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

Joe is taking this on as part of the LandAid Money Maker Challenge, run by Palmer Capital, which sees teams compete to raise the most money for LandAid. If you would like to get involved in Queensbury’s challenge, or for more information on the LandAid Money Maker Challenge, be sure to get in contact with beth.coakley@palmercapital.co.uk.

You can also see their donation page here!

Good luck to Queensbury Capital for their rough runner!