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Packaged Living is bringing a new kind of apartment complex to Milton Keynes

Image for Packaged Living is bringing a new kind of apartment complex to Milton Keynes

With planning permission granted, a new kind of apartment complex is coming to CMK. Instead of offering units for sale, Packaged Living will be building and managing all 300 apartments in ‘Aubrey Place’.

Residents’ amenities include two rooftop gardens and a spacious, high-level lounge, while a flexible new community space on the ground floor will be suitable for a variety of programmed events. Since CMK is short of affordable places for local people to meet and hold displays, rehearsals, classes and so on, the Town Council has been working with the developer to help ensure that the space can also be used as a ‘21st century village hall’.

In order to root the space more firmly in MK, Packaged Living has commissioned its most famous artists, Boyd and Evans whose lively impression of 1980’s MK can be seen in the Central Library, to work on the design.

“A great community and events area is always a key feature of our build to rent buildings. Working with Boyd and Evans, has been inspiring and I have no doubt will produce a great space,” said Mark Woodrow, joint Managing Director.

Ed Ellerington, joint Managing Director, added “We’re all excited about the progress we are making in bringing this building forward. We genuinely believe it will be a fantastic addition to Milton Keynes, providing a new standard of rental offering whilst providing an additional community facility.”

Aubrey Place is expected to be completed within the next two years.

Originally shared in the CMK Town Council Newsletter Autumn 2019.