Last remaining units at Wrenbridge’s scheme in Tufton Street

Hundreds of thousands of smiles have been put onto the faces of those who have received parcels and letters from what used to be the post office on Tufton Street. It seems that the building had a few more packages of happiness to deliver through its refurbishment into the epitome of fine British living. Offering the best qualities of London while remaining half as costly as the affluent Mayfair district, 67 Tufton Street is a location that is sure to attract those in search of refined classical charm with modern contemporary style.

In conjunction with financiers Legal & General, Wrenbridge, have developed 22 units and three penthouses at 67 Tufton Street. Only two penthouses are remaining!

The property is tucked away in a relatively quiet area of London, which is close to both Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. In fact, one of its penthouses offers what’s called a picture frame window – an opening that frames an exquisite view of London’s marquee landmark, Big Ben. It boasts both supremely large windows and luxuriously high ceilings, giving units a spacious feel graced by vast amounts of natural light.

Aside from being attractive to buyers looking for places with a bit more character, 67 Tufton Street is also located conveniently close to Victoria Train Station with easy access to Gatwick.

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