Harlex Property attend the Warrington Annual Property Review

Last week saw Warrington & Co holding their 21st Annual Warrington Property Review at the Park Royal Hotel. Harlex Property went along to hear their detailed analysis of the year prior’s investment market and the possibilities for the coming year.

It was found that last year was a stable year for investment in the area, with 26 deals being completed – just under half of which being industrial deals. It was also discussed that Warrington’s office market take-up increased by 10,000 from the year previous.

Warrington has hit a record rent level of around £23 per square foot of office space, which makes the office sector one to keep an eye on.

Many property sector professionals attended this function and benefited from the insights into the upcoming market, with it being said that Warrington is working towards their housing target of 18,900 homes between 2017 and 2037, as well as an increase in employment land.

It is therefore clear that Warrington has a lot of promise in the upcoming years, which could be a key factor in Harlex’s growth as they move into their second year in business. To keep an eye on Harlex’s projects and requirements, visit their site here. They currently have funding available for immediate investment and so to download their requirement flyer, click here.