Fiera Real Estate’s COVID-19 campaign raises £22,000 to provide therapy sessions to NHS carers

The impact of COVID-19 on NHS workers has been profound. Our NHS workers face an enormous amount of pressure at work every day and this has had a direct impact on their mental health.

From a recent survey, nearly half of medics working in intensive care are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, severe depression or anxiety. Now, more than ever, they need our support to help them through what has undoubtedly been an incredibly testing time.

On 23rd – 25th April, over 190 property professionals from 5 different countries took part in the Fiera Real Estate Ekiden Covid-19 Fundraiser to raise money for Duty To Care, a charity that provides virtual therapy sessions to NHS workers in need of support, to enable them to improve and sustain their mental health and wellbeing.

The campaign raised over £22,000 for the charity from 300 donations, which will cover the costs of treatment for 550+ NHS workers.

Teams of 10 competed in a walking, running and cycling challenge to cover the most distance and raise the most money. The total distance covered was 4,000km and the winning team was Fiera Real Estate’s Operating Partner Opus North, who completed over 500km!