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Fiera Real Estate partners with Planet Mark

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Fiera Real Estate UK is delighted to have partnered with Planet Mark, to better understand the business’s carbon footprint and social impact value. We recognise the role we, and our managed funds play, in supporting the Government’s net zero carbon target of 2050. Partnering with Planet Mark represents a key milestone in our commitment to environmental excellence and supports our transition to net zero carbon.

At Fiera Real Estate, we are committed to using our influence to drive further change in the industry and believe that working together is imperative to seeing this change. Wrenbridge, one of our operating partners, introduced us to Planet Mark after undertaking their own certification toward reduced carbon emissions and now we have introduced another one of our operating partners, Danescroft Land, to Planet Mark, who have also made the decision to understand the carbon footprint of their business. We are delighted by this news and the acre of rainforest that has been planted in our name through Cool Earth for encouraging others to join the Planet Mark community.