Ed Ellerington joins the RESI Convention 2018

Ed Ellerington, Director of Packaged Living, will be taking to the stand at this year’s RESI Convention, being held at Celtic Manor, Wales on 12th-14th September. Ed will be taking part in various discussions relating to the fundamentals of the PRS sector and the BTR community on Thursday 13th September. He will be joining the roundtable discussion about why community is important and how to add real value to the communities in which we build. He will join Philip Laney, CEO and CO-Founder of Lyvly, for this discussion.

Ed will also join the panel ‘How to Make Sure Build-to-Rent is Built to Last’ which will tackle the granularity of the everyday challenges that come with operating a BTR scheme, and he will be joined by speakers such as Jonathan Ivory (Atlas Residential), Sonam Kohli (Go Native) and Mary-Anne Bowring (Ringley Group). Ed will use his expertise from his experience with leading Grainger’s BTR investment drive which saw over £500m of schemes acquired across the UK.

To book your ticket and see Ed in discussion, please click here: https://www.eventbooking.uk.com/resi/index.php