Darryll Colthrust has been shortlisted for EG’s Bridging the Gap Award

We are pleased to announce that Darryll Colthrust, Director of Innovation, who joined Palmer Capital in March this year, has been shortlisted for EG’s Bridging the Gap Award which is to celebrate exceptional leaders in the real estate sector.

It is aimed to recognise someone in the sector who is well known for expanding awareness and adoption of technology. In just under 3 months since joining, Darryl has kick-started Palmer Capital’s digital transformation journey.

Darryll has transitioned from his previous non-real estate role at American Express into the world of property so smoothly that it would be criminal not to award him for his endeavours. He is already becoming a well-known figure throughout the sector, after having taken to various panels and conferences throughout the last few months, and we believe he is well on his way to being an EG Award winner.

Prepare the champagne, 2018 is set to be a big year for Palmer Capital!