CEO Alex Price is joining Bisnow’s Build to Rent event

Palmer Capital’s CEO, Alex Price, will be joining the Bisnow’s Outlook & Expansion event to discuss the Build to Rent investment 2019 outlook alongside Angela Russell (Greystar), John German (Invesco) and Michael Toone (Liv Capital).

The event is being held on Tuesday 29th January 2019 in London, and the themes that will be covered during the seminar will include:

1. How can the market deliver the supply demanded by the influx of international investment into the UK sector?

2. How will new developments, launching in 2019, differ and improve upon what has gone before?

3. What are the key innovations and operational improvements that we will see in the new year?

4. Where are the opportunities to invest/lend within the BTR market in 2019?

5. What does the regional UK BTR landscape look like?

6. What can be done to help spur the development of debt capital markets for BTR in the UK?

We are looking forward to hearing from Alex on the 2019 investment outlook for BTR, and for more detail on the event, or to buy a ticket, visit the Bisnow site here.