85% of tenants now signed up to Fiera Real Estate UK’s Tenant Utility Data Project in another step forward on its pathway to net zero carbon

Collecting sustainability data from tenants, particularly on assets where the landlord has limited to no control, remains a challenge for landlords. In an effort to close this data gap and to support its tenants’ sustainability agendas, Fiera Real Estate launched a tenant engagement initiative across the Fiera Real Estate Long Income Fund UK portfolio.

The team established a tenant focus group, with tenant representatives from across the portfolio to discuss ESG collaboration and how data can support them to identify efficiency and cost-saving opportunities. The initial focus group was a success, and 85% of tenants by floor area are now signed up to participate in the smart technology project.

The project involves using automatic data harvesting to gather energy and water data directly from tenant’s utility suppliers, thereby improving accuracy and consistency. The data and key takeaways will be shared with Fiera Real Estate’s tenants to support their ESG objectives and performance improvement.

Rupert Sheldon, Head of CORE, UK commented “We have introduced our tenants to the concept of automatic data harvesting to improve our collection of their utility data and help support them in delivering their own ESG goals. This will allow us to better understand the sustainability performance of our assets under management and set meaningful performance targets for the buildings we manage.”.”