Value Creation in a Transitional Market (EU)

Published July 29, 2020

Foreword by Chris Button, Head of UK Value Add REIM, Fiera Real Estate

Leo Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace that “the two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. As we watch COVID-19 impact the health and wellbeing of the world we live in, it is hard to predict the long-term effects of this crisis on society and the environment. However, this could but should not act as an advocate to waste the time we have now.

This paper sets out how thoughtful and patient investors should be preparing to enter a real estate market which Fiera Real Estate believes can create a generational
buying opportunity. It also sets out why, as well as relying on the market opportunity created by dislocation, those investors brave enough to know when and how to add value in asset opportunities can receive outstanding additional returns in the years ahead.

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